Quality features

The recycling of used products as part of a conscious environmental management is very important to us. Empty toner cartridges are supplied to our recyclingprogress.

All HQ-Premium products are regularly inspected according to German quality standards. Regular internal and external testing procedures ensure the consistently high quality standards.

With the purchase of HQ-Premium products you will savour a warranty of 10 years. We assure the proper functionality and page performance of our toner.

The test procedures for quality assurance of our products are certified by the international standard STMC from the Standardized Test Methods Committee.

Premium Products

HQ stands for High Quality. The brand HQ-Premium provides high security and offers one hundred percent quality. The products are based on German standards, specifically chosen, inspected and tested.
Our decades of experience and development work guarantee a long shelf life and a professional print result. We assure proper functionality and promise full page yield.

With a HQ-premium product you will not just buy a perfect alternative, you also receive a first class service, which is available at any time with help and advice.

HQ-Premium is 100% compatible with your printer. The quality of our HQ-Premium cartridges is ensured by regular internal and external audit procedures.

You will have a 100-day-cash-back guarantee and we assure you an increased general warranty of 10 years.

Terrific Service

Taking care of our HQ-Premium customers is a very important part of the brand. This is the reason why we offer a very comprehensive service. In addition to the 10-years product warranty, we also offer a 100-day-cash-back guarantee.

Furthermore, our experienced and highly trained service staffs are always available by phone during business hours. They will be glad to help you in all matters relating to the HQ-Premium products.

You got some questions or have problems?
Phone service Mon. 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm at the number +4940–303 742 0 available for you.

Do you prefer to send an E-mail?
Please describe your request at info@HQ-Patronen.de – we will get back to you.

HQ Recycling

We take back the exhausted HQ-Premium Toner as a matter of course, so that we can use the recycling cycle again. Protecting our environment and reducing resource consumption is one of the most important tasks, which we dedicate ourselves.

We face the future and we are pleased that we successfully reduced the environmental impact in the area of ​​printers and consumables for more than a decade.

By recycling the empty toner cartridges we are able to use the consumable material several times. That way we can make a major contribution to protecting our environmental resources.

We are always working on further improvements of our environmental management in order to make this process more efficient. Among other things, we are constantly trying to use packaging materials more than once, to prevent damaging the environment unnecessarily. We are very pleased about feedback, feel free to contact us. We answer your questions and be open to suggestions.